The Residence

Residence Coin de Mire is a peaceful getaway in the North of Mauritius. Located at Bain Boeuf, it is 5 minutes from the beach and 15 minutes walk to the spendid beach of Pereybere with a magnificent view of the Coin de Mire Island.

The proximity makes it all the more convenient and enjoyable by the ardent tourists who would get to experience the two wonderful, pristine beaches. Both the enticing beaches famous for its leisure and colorful activities close to the Residence. Turn your vacations into a memorable treat with all the exuberance.

The residence has all the modern facilities to match the individual taste of the tourists in Mauritius. It comes with fully furnished accessories and one can really enjoy facilities such as TV, microwave, cooking range oven, fridge, washing machine and all that is required in a modern day leisure experience. Enhancing the security environment the residence is equipped with the latest alarm system.

The residence is equipped with WiFi and a car rental service and airport transfer.

Nightlife is an integral part of the region of Grand Bay, well within the reach of the Residence. After a hectic day of activities one can revel into the night clubs or barge in to the discos Insomnia and Banana which are so close to the residence. This will be an amusing experience to walk around the area rather than roping in sedans and enjoy the cozy leisure of nature and its beauty. Residence Coin de Mire is located at 3 minutes from Grand Bay, 15 minutes from capital Port Louis and 60 minutes from Plaisance.

Residence Coin de Mire location is ideally suitable for all kinds of people to enjoy their individual taste. The residence is located in a serene, quite place though one can have all the facilities within reach. Winners supermarket and La Croisette shopping mall all are very close by to Residence Coin de Mire. No doubt, holiday makers will love Residence Coin de Mire due to the blended features of peace, nature along with modern facilities.

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